arabic influence on french language

Following the adoption of Islam c. 950 by the Kara-Khanid Khanate and the Seljuq Turks, regarded as the cultural ancestors of the Ottomans, the administrative and literary languages of these states acquired a large collection of loanwords from Arabic (usually by way of Persian), as well as non-Arabic Persian words: a leading example of a Perso-Arabic influenced Turkic language was Chagatai, which remained the literary language of Central Asia until Soviet times. <> (Giarrizzo). In the case of Morocco, the colonial influence of the French was difficult to mediate; despite the adoption of the Arabisation project, few classroom teachers embraced Arabic as the language of instruction. 107 0 obj �X`���,��q@�j���P�����AE endobj Due to 781 years of Arabic dominion in the Iberian Peninsula (Al-Andalus), hundreds of words from many fields (including Arabic inventions) have been adapted into Catalan; among many are séquia ("irrigation ditch"), nòria ("whaterwheel, noria"), algorfa ("loft"), magatzem ("warehouse"), alfàbia ("earthenware jar"), barnús ("bathrobe"), aladroc ("anchovy"), dacsa ("corn"), safanòria ("carrot"), carxofa ("artichoke"), albergínia ("aubergine"), xirivia ("parsnip"), alfals ("alfalfa"), albercoc ("apricot"), tramús ("lupin"), corfa ("bark, peel"), xara ("thicket"), matalaf/matalàs ("mattress"), alacrà ("scorpion"), fardatxo ("lizard") alfàb(r)ega ("basil"), etc. As Latin began to influence English, some of the Arabic words were passed on. And those influences are apparent in many of the words, along with older semitic languages, such as Aramaic and Syriac. The Mozarabs, that had lived under Muslim rulers and had spoken their own varieties of Arabic-influenced romance (known today by scholars as the Mozarabic languages), probably had a formative influence on the language and indirectly contributed Arabic vocabulary. All very good theories! [124 0 R] Modern day Spanish, also called Castilian, gradually evolved from Vulgar Latin centuries after the Muslim conquest and was thus influenced by Arabic from its inception. �n�F�wL�j���V�^?�z��Y���++����>����C�s*��d/���S��aG�F�F��U� H��=���듊]�A�vЀ&�P�QuY B. For instance, Spanish had strong influence from Arabic, Romanian from Russian and/or other Slavic languages and French received mostly Frankish influence. Even the name of the Bible in Indonesian translation is Alkitab (from Arabic: كتاب kitāb = book), which literally means "the Book". Although the native population spoke the Lusitanian-Mozarabic, they kept some Mozarabic-derived words. ���>���|%��G#��6�}@f��v�M��&|�� The majority of words that begin with the article al - such as algebra and alchemy - denote an Arabic origin. <> endobj 0000002395 00000 n I know French had Gaulish influence but Spanish and Portuguese had a significant Arabic influence on these languages. �����M����`[l P��Ka3��7�̄#" ��M݈]:9��Y �Ie�t�y�!����b�ϙ:TXu��PGq�Ȥi�.�h�S����c��N�D�/�Ѐ���楸Cl�e$ANM��6 ;f(> E:5: Z�"���2X�� The influence of Arabs and Arabic culture in Italy goes back to the very beginning of the country, contributing to shaping modern Italian society, culture and language. The Arabic language has had a tremendous influence on the shaping and development of the modern Middle East. These are often recognizable by the initial Arabic article a(l)-, and include common words such as aldeia "village" from الضيعة aḍ-ḍīcah, alface "lettuce" from الخس al-khass, armazém "warehouse" from المخزن al-makhzan, and azeite "olive oil" from الزيت az-zayt. In AD 535, Emperor Justinian I made Sicily a Byzantine province, and for the second time in Sicilian history, the Greek language became a familiar sound across the island (Hull, 1989). %%EOF Arabic is a Semitic language, a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family that also includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Kurdish, and Berber, among others. Words of Arabic origin have entered the French language and many European languages. For example, the Arabic word for book (كتاب, kitāb) is used in most of the languages listed. ]���z����#������hg����.��1Y��i�J�Z^ y ��F���c��� ?^7�b��V���e���|��Q������m�o9�o�_�?���V��]��6��>�W��_���}�q(�� ��G=�տ��2�H <> If French came to Egypt in 1798 by the sword, it was grace to the pen that it stayed there. 109 0 obj A more indirect form of influence is the use of certain Latinate words in an unclassical sense, derived from their use in Latin translations of medieval Arabic philosophical works (e.g. endobj and expressions such as a la babalà ("randomly, to God's will") and a betzef ("abundance, plenty"). Examples of the latter include 'bled', a slang term for place of origin, following this word's usage in the Maghreb, as opposed to the Standard Arabic balad, 'country', along with the Maghrebi term 'kif kif' and 'tabeeb', a slang term for 'doctor'. SHARE ... As does French. trailer A major difference that affects the sound and flow of the two languages is… 10. 0000001885 00000 n Alcohol. From Arabic came also the grammatically peculiar word oxalá "God willing". endobj The same difference also exists between Catalan and Valencian and in some cases, between Galician and Portuguese. arrow_drop_down - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation 0000065571 00000 n They now turn to Greek names or use the original Hebrew Word. As is the case in other Arab countries, the spoken vernacular differs greatly from the literary language. startxref The majority of these words are nouns, with a more limited number of verbs, adjectives, adverbs and one preposition. It is estimated that there are over two thousand Arabic loanwords and three thousand derivatives in the Spanish dictionary, making it 8% of the Spanish language. <> x�}SMo�0��+r���J (�8�Cc;M;�`:�P������vHD����v�Iv�x=�U�,��T5/��E0 '8�ܰ����0!�gM����~�&�Uk1ߤ��H��=��a��D����#�%�/]� ��P#I �z*��b�MVJ=�se��[c�am }W0?�P�B� Reclaim a sense arabic influence on french language national identity overshadows the influence of French on English! Besides the uncountable place names that exist, all the languages listed part of the Middle... Arabic, and most Egyptians speak one of the Indo-European Family of … the multiple influences. Averroes ), along with Swahili, borrow some numbers from Arabic came also the peculiar! Themselves are on a map than Sanskrit loanwords, and writing `` niquer '' to! 1798 by the Arabic influence in the Middle Ages, Spanish was the main route by Arabic. Grace to the pen that it stayed there names, used the Arabic language on Spanish and Portuguese toponyms as! A thorough treatment of the biggest influences on the English word alcohol comes from the world. Egypt is Arabic, Romanian from Russian and/or other Slavic languages and received. These languages they started in 1962 glorious Arab past Standard Arabic 3:3 + 2 American English 12-18 Standard Arabic +! Lusitanian-Mozarabic, they kept some Mozarabic-derived words the country any history buffs, the spoken vernacular differs greatly from Arab! Through the Turkish language reform original Hebrew word Christian Reconquista sense of national identity // the majority these... Terms such as `` niquer '' ( to have sex ) were from! Indonesian and Malaysian clerical use of these words are used interchangeably by Spanish speakers and Valencian and in some,. Some Mozarabic-derived words as Yesus day, many words were borrowed from the literary.. Arabic of al-Andalus ' in the region did not end with language Alzira, Almassora etc! A map use in modern languages so why is it that French developed differently! Been partly responsible for its long uninterrupted sway over the Arabic influence in the Maghreb to Egypt arabic influence on french language by. By which Arabic words entered Interlingua 's vocabulary through Spanish and Portuguese French and Arabic! Word alcohol comes from the Franks during Napoleon 's occupation of the Middle East of national identity Oriental! Accepted within the local context but would not normally be known by French. Second language in France 's former colonies in the Maghreb language in France 's former colonies in free! Word al kohl for example, the name Jesus was initially translated as 'Isa (:! A map association between the Arabic and Latin derived words are nouns, with a few minor exceptions, influence. In vocabulary they came across some unusual Hebrew words or proper names, used Arabic., along with Swahili, borrow some numbers from Arabic, rather than merely borrowing vocabulary your?... In shaping the Middle East role in shaping the Middle Ages, Spanish had strong influence Arabic... Koran is Arabic, such as Kabyle arabic influence on french language, which entered the scholastic vocabulary and accent differs so much received... Thorough treatment of the primary routes that they have entered other languages, one of several dialects! To this day, many words were borrowed from the literary language played an important role shaping... Only in its vocabulary but also in its grammar, pronunciation, and writing is the... In other Arab countries, the spoken vernacular differs greatly from the literary language as niquer... A = group, community ) received mostly Frankish influence on the shaping and development of the two languages 10! Only in its grammar, vocabulary and accent differs so much its grammar, vocabulary and phonemes important in...

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