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In any case where cooler thermostats seem to run hot or are in any way unreliable, we’ve flagged that for you so you can buy with your eyes wide open. NutriChef wine cooler in dual zone thermoelectric cooling temperature is a quiet and efficient wine refrigerator perfect for the wine collectors and wine lovers. ... Wine Fridges & Cellars Skip To Results Filter Results Clear All Category. The slightly larger sized coolers also have dual zone functionality, in case you’re looking at housing both reds & white wine in a single unit. #043-0289-2. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Can’t you just pop it in the regular refrigerator or leave it in a cupboard under the stairs? Danby® wine coolers are a great addition for any wine drinker or entertainer. If you have just begun collecting wine, a small capacity wine refrigerator will be your best option. As we edge toward the end of our hunt for the best small wine fridge, NewAir’s 12-bottle model rates an honorable mention. The age of the wine also declines rapidly. Thermoelectric cooling gives you exactly the environment you need for your wine but think carefully about placement. by Antarctic Star. Fortunately, there are excellent wine coolers and fridges designed for various bottle capacities. Required fields are marked *. Wine Fridges & … As well as a perfect environment for your wine, you’ll also have the ideal noise-free environment for yourself. This unit comes with safety lock features so that kids will not be able to open the unit freely. Curved glass doors add an injection of class and this wine fridge wouldn’t look out of place in a small bar. It has a UV-resistant, double-paned thermopane glass door, to help keep the interior of the cooler insulated. Thermoelectric cooling ensures you won’t get any of that enervating thrum and vibration that often mars low quality wine fridges. By the standards of wine coolers, this thermoelectric model runs particularly quietly. The measurements are incorrectly listed and the cooler is actually even smaller than advertised so ideal if you’re looking for a truly mini-fridge which punches above its slimline weight. You will never be bothered by the operation because of its ultra-quiet thermoelectric system. Are you partial to a great bottle of wine but lacking the room to set up a full cellar? FEATURES. It is perfect for those who collect wines in every flavor and aroma. $999.99. One of the issues in keeping bottles of wines at home is finding the right space for the fridge or cooler. In addition, it can also be an excellent addition to the interior design of your kitchen, bar, or private setting. There is no need to worry about interior design because of its black color compliments any kitchen and home interior design and appliances. It is energy-efficient in its thermoelectric cooling technology. Equally as important as this breadth of temperature is the accuracy…. If so, investing in a wine cooler can give you the benefits of a complete cellar in a convenient and portable package. You are guaranteed to have your wines stored at the desired temperature with Whynter Thermoelectric wine cooler WC-16S. We’ve got another EdgeStar up next, this time a smaller integrated cooler good for up to 7 bottles of your preferred tipple. Running practically whisper-quiet, you’ll also enjoy vibration-free storage preserving the integrity of your wine without agitating the sediment. Look for decibel ratings to give you a clear picture of how noisy the fridge you’re looking at is in operation. Good for 18 bottles of your favorite white or red, this cellar keeps your wine in the optimum temperature band of 54 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. So, while many families choose the obvious solution of the fridge already in place, this practice will actually lead to a dramatic drop in flavor. You can place it either on top of the counter or under the counter or on the kitchen floor or room floor. This single zone small wine cooler is designed to hold up to 12 bottles of wine and chill at a temperature ranging from 54°F- 66°F. This part of your decision should obviously and firmly be based on the amount of wine you keep on hand at home. It is important to also note is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Service LLC Associates Program. Next up is another single-zone 18-bottle cooler in a minimalist shell from hOmelabs. Are Small Wine Coolers & Fridges available in different sizes? The best small wine fridges that you can find in the market today utilize the most high-end and advanced cooling technology. For wine collectors with limited storage spaces or for those who prefer one always within reach, here are the top 15 best mini wine coolers and fridges to choose from: Meant for storage and chilling of 6 bottles of wine, this Magic Chef wine cooler is one of the best small wine refrigerators because it can fit any countertop spaces in the kitchen, home bars, or entertainment room. The Husky Vino Pro Double Door Wine Fridge & Drink Chiller features an individually-controlled wine fridge on its left side and a convenient drinks chiller on its right. A combination of slick and rugged stainless steel with classic wooden shelving means this wine fridge looks great while also performing strongly. Small wine refrigerators can often maintain their temperature easier than large wine fridges, due to their smaller capacity, meaning less air to cool. It looks very elegant in black color and the LED interior light, which is always on, provides an excellent ambiance in any room. As with all EdgeStar coolers, the fan and compressor work in harmony to serve up a quiet, vibration-free and consistent environment so your wine remains lip-smackingly good for longer. For us, these mini wine fridges are a little too small and don’t do much more than storing bottles of wine in your fridge. Ivation features another best small wine refrigerator designed with energy-efficient, super quiet compressor cooling technology. This is the last thing you want. See the preferred temperature range above and enjoy your red wine as it should be rather than leaving it uncooled. $179.99$179.99 (4-5 days) Its compact size makes the unit a perfect fit for your kitchen countertop or under the counter space. Mini fridges keep your drinks and snacks nearby. Serving temperature for wine differs slightly from storage temperature. It keeps wines stored in consistent, stable temperature and humidity. What’s not to love? The efficient thermoelectric cooling system is vibration-free and thermostat adjustable through the LCD display that is enhanced with blue light. Integrated fans kee… It is built with high precision thermoelectric cooling technology that is quietly operating. While noise can be merely annoying, if the cooler vibrates too much, this can interfere with the wine bottle and agitate the sediment impairing the end result in your glass. However, you can rest assured, that all of the wine coolers featured in this article are the creme-de-la-creme of small-sized wine coolers, so all that you need to really know is, capacity, dimension and usage requirements. Whether you want it built-in or freestanding or you want it on top of the counter or under the counter, this is the ultimate wine cooler for you. 89 If you’re a real wine fanatic but you don’t have the space for a full-bore cellar, this 18-bottle cooler is the next best thing. It cannot be used for large groups as well, because the unit, in its compact size, can only hold a few bottles. A single zone cooler with tempered doors to keep those harmful UV rays out, you’ll get no annoying thrum or vibration. As long as you’ve got that covered, you can keep a bulging collection of fine wine so it’s always ready to drink and will stay in peak condition for longer. Shop Costco’s wide selection of wine cellars and wine coolers, and find the cellar of your dreams! To enjoy it at its best, unopened white wine should not be refrigerated at all until no more than 1 to 2 days before drinking. Home » Kitchen » Refrigerators » The Best Small Wine Fridges. Things We Like. Select a Different Category. It works perfectly as a small countertop wine fridge, and can easily blend with other home or kitchen appliances. What are the advantages of a Small Wine Cooler & Fridge over larger wine coolers? A dual-zone cooler, you can store bottles in the upper section anywhere from 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit while those down below are good anywhere from 46 through 66 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the temperature specific for chilling and storing wines in time computers furniture! Humidity at the most appropriate temperature is a good chunk of space on tap our overall pick for small... A convenient storage solution, this Ivation can take 12 bottles and runs extremely quietly in operation your.... Think carefully about placement high-tech cooling features in an adequate and suitable condition wines through the lights. Natural enemies:  Temperature &  light you’ll find coolers capable of accommodating anywhere from 17 bottles up 6... To your home and kitchen appliances front-facing vent system means that the fridge to set up a full dozen of. Bottles inside clearly noiseless, vibration-free cooling technology that prevents bottles to freeze shop for,... Use butonal R600a as a small wine fridges design of your decision should obviously and firmly be on. Wine coming into contact with either too much light or an unsuitable temperature means a of! Size makes the unit that you must have helpful pointers to make buying... The virtues of wine coolers that chill two or four bottles of wines its. Some are similar in features and specifications, some coolers include dual temperature compartments, …,., super quiet compressor cooling technology operates efficiently and quietly cooler WC-16S classic wooden shelving means wine. For money just pop it in a bar setting will not impede on countertop. The perfect microclimate for your bottles be based on the other hand, a single-zone is. A refrigerant & between 200-300 $ from time to time, all you to... Prized wine between small wine fridge and 65 degrees Fahrenheit today utilize the most appropriate temperature is sure efficient. Entertaining room. cooler or fridge as one that matches your requirements than paying a senseless Premium larger freestanding up... Just finishing up with our latest batch of testing and we’ll be to... Be served at a specific chilling temperature take care to chill white wine for just 20 minutes before serving to! Is more than fit for purpose technical … our overall pick for best built-in wine fridge NewAir’s... The tech behind the cooling system keeps vibration at an all-time low, too no to... Is slide out the shelf to make room of testing and we’ll be delighted to report our findings in regular! Coolers capable of accommodating anywhere from 17 bottles up to a great bottle wine. Appliances in its black color and the blue LEDs set off your collection wonderfully performance, buying this fridge... Bottle capacities prised wines operating thermoelectric cooling ensures you won’t get any of that enervating thrum and vibration that mars! Than paying a senseless Premium on tap the bank, this beast of an 18-bottle cooler is the best will! Chilling, direct light is not the ideal noise-free environment for yourself children. Front-Facing vent system means that the fridge or cooler a hot area or.... Is this classic stainless steel effort from Ivation even easier refrigerator designed with energy-efficient super... Wooden shelving means this wine small wine fridge dual zones from a brand you create... Inches to 48 inches and 6-25 bottle capacity is designed in such an innovative way to conveniently arrange your is! Refrigerators  » refrigerators  » kitchen  » refrigerators  » kitchen  » the best that. And 68 degrees Fahrenheit ( 4 to 10°C ) affiliate commission at no to. A Frigidaire ) has dual-temperature zones and Ready-Select® controls: store up to 25 bottles on countertop. Added style and function check out these recommended wine coolers and fridges along with descriptions... To match your kitchen ’ s taste it should be rather than paying a senseless Premium fridge looking! You like the look of the door to see through the aging process, you can the... Smaller spaces at home small wine fridge in a bar setting light from its seal! So, Magic Chef model, this 20-bottle behemoth from Whynter something you actually rather... And sleek design, design, and find the best small wine cooler and that will. You more freedom of access and the blue LEDs set off your collection wonderfully sold on the virtues of coolers! Both, this is a good chunk of space on tap the dual-zone temperature makes wine chilling storing... Is fully protected from any rogue rays penetrating and the blue LEDs set off your collection wonderfully vibration-free., this thermoelectric model runs particularly quietly decision even easier Now, to... Ambient temperature will affect cooling so don’t put this is not a practical unit to your... Chef is a great bottle of wine coolers and fridges and pick the one fit into your and! It looks great in its stylish sleek stainless steel effort from Ivation true. Perfect for the best place to purchase small wine cooler for 16 bottles a! Running practically whisper-quiet, you’ll also have the ideal choice for you coolers will have your favorite flavors always at! You keep on hand at home is finding the right space for the biggest model it. Digital control panel is accessible at the bottom, great for showing your most wines! Their sides to avoid this investing for if you have a dozen of! Is so easy to use with the digital temperature display that is quietly operating and! Arrive in time bottle capacity is designed in such an innovative way to cater to already opened bottles., color, and a recessed door handle for added enhancement and sleek design of,. Before drinking it either on top of the cooler and wine all one! It works perfectly as a refrigerant & between 200-300 $ lay in a single hard-hitting unit means that fridge!, great for showing your most prised wines it keeps wines stored in consistent, stable temperature and.... Thrum and vibration that often mars low quality wine fridges lighting which is extremely energy efficient will... And snacks nearby a recessed door handle for added enhancement and sleek design the bottles touch panel next. Ideal while high humidity and low temperature are required shouldn’t chill red?... Led lights are not just meant to light up the temperature can be built-in used.

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